I° bilancio Icimen 1913

The Mensitieri family have always had a prominent role in the development of flexible packaging since their conception in the early 20th century with the aim of producing and supplying materials required for packaging varying products.


Their natural industrial progression saw investment into the application of gravure and flexographic printing processes together with the necessary modern technology that includes film metallisation.


Through these years of experience Icimendue has evolved to become one of the leading print and lamination suppliers throughout Italy and Europe. Customer relationships are paramount to us and we strive to achieve investment in new technology essential for current and future packaging market requirements.


Icimendue, as a partner, recognises the importance of a good working relationship with our clients and will offer continual technical support and management of flexible packaging so as to achieve profitable solutions.


  • Added value to packaging;
  • Innovative packaging solutions;
  • Latest industrial technology
  • Packaging experience and knowledge
  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • In house modern research and development laboratory
  • Collaboration with research universities
  • Print quality control


The company will always invest in new and modern technologies to achieve the highest standards of quality and currently have rotogravure print presses fully equipped for up to 11 colours with in line lamination, a metallisation plant, off line lamination and various slitting and re-winding machines.

Icimendue is dedicated to achieving a high quality product and as a flexible packaging market leader will always focus on research and development and has the three necessary qualities needed, personnel experience, modern equipment and customer relationships.