Icimendue is always keeping up with the times and, thanks to the adoption of the most modern technologies, ensures the achievement of the highest standards of quality.
Currently the company has gravure presses for printing up to 11 colours with in-line coupling, 1 metallising plant, off-line coupling and different types of cutters. Furthermore, to ensure excellent results, all rotogravure plants are equipped with: printing aids, crown and plasma processors, cameras, 100% web inspection.






Some examples of our new technologies: :

Electron Beam Technology

The electron beam system is an innovative method for an instant, solvent-free cross-linking for applications with high gloss, scratch-proof and controlled co-efficiency of friction.


Cast & cure

With the use of an electron beam enables the development of holograms and embossing effects through cast & cure technology.


Some examples of Icimendue’s specialised industrial productions


Icimendue is a leading manufacturer of post-metallised films with the substrate first printed and then metalized giving the ability to perform both processes in the same manufacturing plant. This process is used in various sectors such as ice cream, chocolate easter eggs, snack bars, laminated packages for the paper industry, cardboard/film laminate for fish, pastries, holiday dishes and gift ribbons.


Ink Jet – unique codes

A printing system to enter promotional codes directly on the packaging, both within the pack and on the outside, with the special use of a panel that can be erased with alcohol. See the news section on



By exploiting our experience of metallisation printing on hologram film for paper packaging in contact with food can be achieved.


Easy opening
Easy opening of packages with a technique that does not modify any packaging parameter.