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A reference for packaging in the national, European market... and beyond

The evolution of flexible packaging from the early 1900’s sees the Mensitieri family being involved. The group originated around 1890 with the commercial activity of packaging materials. During the mid 1940’s they gradually were transformed into a more industrial activity focusing on rotogravure and flexographic printing techniques and latterly the film metallization process.

Icimendue has made use of this experience by implementing the quality levels of excellence achieved which has made them a preferred packaging supplier in both the Italian and European markets.

The extremely close relationship with customers and the passion and continual dedication to all aspects of production and technology give the strength and incentive to guarantee a prosperous future. This is all due to the following:





A cutting-edge production site

Icimendue are always in step with current trends and, thanks to the use of the latest modern technologies achieve the highest quality standards. The company currently have rotogravure presses, for printing up to 11 colours with in-line lamination, a metallization plant, off-line lamination and various slitting units.

To ensure excellent results, all rotogravure systems are equipped with: press assistance, corona and plasma treaters, inspection cameras, 100% web inspection.

Years of


The experience of over a century has made us what we are today, one of the leaders in our field. Above all, we are a family basing our strength on the relation with our staff as we are convinced that together we can achieve the best results for our customers.

A story made of achievements and results

The Mensitieri family founded the first paper and related business in the heart of Naples.
Figli di Mario Mensitieri is founded, marking the industrial start up
A new state-of-the-art industrial factory is founded in Marcianise where Icimendue is now located
Production concentration in Icimendue factory. 20 mil € investment program ending in 2021
First official document found: balance sheet of the company ‘Ciro Mensitieri’
Icimen SpA was set up in Casavatore. Its progressive expansion continues until the 1990s
The Mensitieri group celebrates 100 years of activity certified by Naples Chamber of Commerce