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Icimendue are constantly committed to innovative manufacturing processes and respecting eco-sustainability that we strongly believe in

In 1993 we set up one of the first inert gas solvent recovery plants in Italy at the Casavatore site; a second one followed at the Marcianise plant in 1996. Finally, the last one, of the modern generation with an air flow rate of 260,000 Nm3/h, is able to guarantee full compliance with the environmental laws and well below the permitted threshold.

The same attention is paid to the purchase of green plants with the benefit of renewable energy by reducing the CO2 emissions

  • Recyclability

– Monolayer materials
– Reduction of thicknesses
– Paper based structures

  • Biodegradation

– Structures based on compostable polymers
– Paper based structures
– Use of compostable adhesives and inks

  • Innovative materials

– Polymers from renewable sources
– Active packaging
– Functional coatings