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Flexible Packaging

Leader in food and non-food flexible packaging

Icimendue boast many years of experience in rotogravure and flexographic printings of food and non-food flexible packaging.

The use of advanced technologies, always aimed at improving quality, offers our customers high quality products.

Icimendue are specialists in the rotogravure print process prominently but are experienced also in flexographic printing.

The company is equipped with printing machines up to 11 colours for mono and multilayers films, with in-line and off-line laminations.



Bakery products

Ice cream
and frozen foods

Dry products

Fresh products



Do you have other needs?


Cold seal

This application has the double advantage of speeding up packaging times and being particularly suitable for products sensitive to high temperatures.

Tactil varnish

It is a versatile and innovative application as it allows the consumer to appreciate packaging not only visually but also from a tactile point of view.

Post metallization

Thanks to the high gloss of the wraps, this application is used in the most varied fields such as ice cream, Easter eggs, snacks or in the paper industry, cardboard / film for salmon and sweets, party dishes, gift ribbons.

Inkjet - Unique codes

A printing system for inserting promotional codes directly onto the packaging film, both inside and outside of the pack by means of a panel erasable with alcohol.

Easy opening

Simplified opening of packages due to an innovative technique that does not alter any packaging parameters.

Hologram technique

Taking advantage of the know-how on metallized films, Icimendue carry out printings on hologram films for food contact wrappings.