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No Mold

Integrated approach to the fight against molds and micro-toxins in the grain and baked goods sector

The NoMold project aims to define an integrated process for the fight against molds and their secondary products (mycotoxins) as an alternative to the use of chemical additives within the food matrix.
To date, the systems developed by the food industry to combat the growth of molds and therefore preserve the shelf-life of products in particular with medium-high humidity are mainly based on the food process itself or, more frequently, on its use of food additives to be declared on the label. On the contrary, the project activities for the development of an integrated system to combat molds and mycotoxins will be articulated on a double level upstream and downstream of the agro-food supply chains, meaning the supply chain as constituted by the set of subjects / activities that , compared to a company producing a product, they are upstream, intervening on its raw materials and downstream by intervening on the activities / processes downstream of its production, in our case in the packaging activity. All without resorting to additives to add to the food product.